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Adjunct Instructor- Chuck Simpson



Charles “Chuck” Simpson has over 36 years’ experience as a Military/Security Advisor, beginning his career with 21 years in the U.S. Army, serving 8 years 82nd Airborne as an Infantryman, 2 years Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD) 101st Airborne as an Reconnaissance Team Leader, and 11 Years Army Special Forces working in Central and South America. Mr. Simpson also served in the Special warfare Center at Fort Brag, NC, as an Advance Special Operation Techniques Instructor and Special Forces Sniper instructor. Chuck Continued his Career, once retired from the U.S. Army, Chuck was the principal advisor and consultant on ESI's PSD Protective Operations (PSD), Surveillance/Surveillance Detection (SSD) and Designed Defensive Marksman (DDM) training programs. Chuck developed the DDM Program, that ESI still uses to this date. 


Soon after 911, Chuck started a private security/military advisory company in 2002, Protect Consultant Inc., where he provided specialized military and security consulting to corporate clients, the U.S. government and security business owners.  Chuck served as an Independent Contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency, Special Operations Group (SOG) Special Activities Group (SAG) from 02/02 to 04/12, He conducted worldwide operations and training assignments abroad in the mission areas of special operations and counter terrorism.  Has served as lead instructor for, Foreign Military Special Operations, Foreign National Police, Counterterrorist, and Intelligence personnel, as lead instructor for DDM /Counter Sniper. 


Chuck provided Military and Protection Advisory for designated U.S. Government Agencies as a Tier 1 Operator. In earlier missions, Mr. Simpson served as a Military Advisor and Assault Force Team Leader within a forward deployed, reinforced, Special Operation Unit employed in the training of forces actively engaged in Combating Terrorism and Counter-Narcotics Operations. Mr. Simpson has provided Advanced Marksmanship, Close Quarters Combat and Advance Source Operation training to US and Foreign forces, throughout the world. 


Soon after, Chuck worked for 10 years as a Mentor/Advisor Instructing, Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM)/Counter Sniper with the Department of States, DSS Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program.  Chuck at the present time, is an Instructor for the US Air Force Air Commando Course.  Chucks last duty section in Afghanistan was as a Sniper/Recon Advisor for the Afghan Commandos and Special Forces. 


Chuck has over 35 years of experience as a Sniper/Marksmanship Instructor worldwide. 


Chuck Is also a Graduate of the 101st Airborne Sniper Marksmanship, Venezuelan Sniper Course, and the US Army Special Forces Sniper School, were he also served as an instructor.

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