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Adjunct Instructor- Tracy Hickman



Tracy spent a career in Special Operations in the United States Army, where he was assigned to specialized units such as, the highly decorated 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Special Warfare Group as a Military Freefall Instructor, assigned to 1st SFOD (Delta), 18th Airborne Corps LRSC, and the 6th Ranger Training Battalion. Upon from retirement from the United States Army, Tracy continued to utilize his skills as a Protector, in which he was assigned to various Government contracts across the world working for the US State Department (Blackwater), and other US Government Agencies specializing in US Interests regarding special activities within National Security. 

Tracy has spent a career (Actually 2 careers) as someone who has always put his love for this Country first. It’s cost him a lot, including an injury sustained in a Middle Eastern Country. He has received multiple transplants, and undergone numerous surgeries and continues to this day.

Select International is very happy to have him aboard to enhance our Protective Detail Course, in which he can bring his real-world experience into the classroom setting. 

This Soldier… Patriot… has probably forgotten more things than most in our Industry know today. He brings more real-world experience to the table, than most in the industry. 

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