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Paul Boothe



Mr. Boothe is Public Safety, Security and Dignitary/Executive Protection Specialist, beginning his career in Law Enforcement and Emergency Medicine at age 21 as a Police Officer and EMT in 1984 starting with the El Paso Police Department graduating at the top 10% of his class and working from Recruit to Chief. Mr. Boothe worked for the Trans-Pecos Narcotics Task Force covering 30 Texas counties and the Sheriffs of Texas Agreed Response-STAR, which provided Tactical and Emergency Responses to 60 Texas Counties-he served as an Operator, Tactical Medic, Team Leader and Tactical Instructor.


Mr. Boothe holds a Master degree to Homeland Security-Management and Bachelor in Business Administration-Management. He also holds a Master Peace Officer/Police Instructor issued by TCOLE and a Master Firefighter/Inspector/Investigator/Instructor/Department Head issued by TCFP along with being a CONTOMS (Counter Narcotics Tactical Operations Medical Support), Licensed Paramedic and Instructor issued by the Texas State Department of Health. Mr. Boothe is also a Licensed Private Investigator and Personal Protection Officer in Texas.


Mr. Boothe’s Dignitary Protection and Executive Protection experience began in 2005 working for the Department of State’s High Threat Division protecting U.S. Diplomats in Iraq and Israel. He also has experience in Executive Protection of Tier 1 civilian assets for several U.S. companies in foreign locations including Israel. Mr. Boothe’s military assignments with the U.S. Navy included providing medical support for a rapid deployment Construction Battalions (SEABEES) supporting East and West Coast operations.  

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