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Evaluating the Threat on a Principal is a constantly evoloving process, in which you as the Protector must be able to adapt too as well. 


Select-International initially conceived the idea for the Protective Detail Specialist Course on the concept that we can provide an ever-evolving  training package for Professionals wishing to enter into the Executive/Dignitary Protection Industry. After further review and knowing how many practitioners are already in the field, we expanded the program so that everyone benefits from the program.


Select-International focuses on how the Government agencies that specialize in protection are conducting operations and then taking what they do and adapt that into how we can untilize it in the private sector.


Our Instructors bring decades of real world experience to the classroom and pass that knowledge on to you.


Egos's are put aside so that you as the student can benefit in full without the fear of asking the question no one wants to ask.




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