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Defense Travel Awareness Course
For the Executive Protection Professional

Course Overview:

Defense Travel Awareness Course (DTAC) is 18 hours of easy to learn information for anyone traveling/working overseas or away from home.  The program is designed to be exciting and interactive, at the same time learning personal survival skills.  Lecture and theory will be minimized to allow for hard skill development.  The material is easy to learn and can be shared with loved ones, classmates or traveling partners.  This is hands on, at the conclusion each person will have confidence to travel, see new places and enjoy the world around them.

Topics Covered:

  • The Isolated Personnel Recovery Enterprise- Pre-travel checklist; interior and exterior communication plans.  Helping the good guys help you if things go bad.


  • Escaping from abduction, before detention- rapid restraint identification; tool selection; tool fabrication; tool storage. Objectives are to defeat improvised and commercial restraints.


  • Fighting off the X- Defend or attack from various positions using multi-disciplinary skills 


  • Managing Social Contacts- Learning how to communicate in complex situations; identifying and mitigating task fixation


  • De-Selection and Social Engineering- Personal information management including action and status

About the Instructor: Ron Sable, is an honorably retired U.S. Army veteran with 25 years of active duty experience, of that 23 years in Special Forces retiring as a Master Sergeant. In service he worked in the Middle East, Central Asia, South America and the Caribbean Islands supporting the War on Terror and the War on Drugs.  The work overseas commonly required him to discretely work in politically sensitive environments.  Throughout his career Ron transitioned in and out of operational and training assignments.  During his instructor assignments he was allowed to take operational experience and specialized private sector training to develop several high impact modules for individuals in limited resource environments.  Ron has fused over two decades of Special Operations experience and commercial training into a comprehensive travel awareness package.

Upcoming Course Dates
Tampa, Florida
August 6th-7th 2022

The course is set at $650 for 2 days and class is limited to 15 Students. Payment is due upon registration!
NOTE: Each Student will be given a take home kit included in the course cost.

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