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Female Security Self-Awareness Course

Course Overview:

The Female Security Self-Awareness Course is an educational program designed to bring more self-awareness to you in your day to day activities. The key to securing yourself is identifying threats and avoid them.


A Champagne/Mimosa Brunch is included with a fruit, cheese, Meat Charcuterie Board. 

 Location: Tampa, Florida
When: TBD
Time: 10am-4pm'ish
Price: Absolutely Free


Upon Satisfactory completion of this course, you should have a better understanding of your surroundings, and identify threats, in order to not put yourself in danger.


Topics Covered:

- Building a Security Foundation

- Rape & Sexual Assault

- Abusive Partners

- Identifying Narcissistic Behavior

- Stalkers & Stalking

- Date Rape

- Home and Vehicle Security

- Conflict Resolution & De-escalation techniques

- Harnessing your Energy to Survive


About the Instructor: Eric Parker is a Disabled Special Operations Combat Veteran who is the President of Vault Management Group, which manages other Protection based Businesses throughout the State of Florida; one of which being Select-International which provides training all over the United States.

Mr. Parker is the father of two beautiful daughters, one 21 and one 8, which gave him the idea to put this course together. Mr. Parker is passionate about protection, in which he spent 10 years in the Middle East and South-West Asia providing High Threat Protection for American Diplomats, and training up Foreign Nationals.  

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