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Florida Class "D" Security Officer Course

Since the inception of the Protective Detail Specialist Course, we have continued to evolve!

Knowing the Threat is constantly evolving, in which so should the training. 

As we continue our dedication to providing training that matters in the Industry, we are pleased to announce we have added the Core Curriculum for the Florida Class "D" Security Officer Course to our Protective Detail Specialist Course.


Florida allows for out of State residents to obtain their Class "D" Security License, and with Florida being Hurricane Grand Central; by adding this to our course, we are giving our graduates an opportunity to  jump in on assignments that would otherwise not be available to them.

This does constitute more hours to the course causing those that have signed up, to spend some later nights to insure that all material has been covered to pass the exam.

Cost breakdown:

Protective Detail Specialist Course- $1200

Florida Class "D" Security Office Course- $300

Total- $1550

Course Dates for 2018:

Join in on PDS Class 19-01- January 21st through January 25th (Tampa, Florida)

Join in on PDS Class 19-02- April 8th through the 12th (Tampa, Florida)

Join in on PDS Class 19-03- July 22nd July 26th through the July 17th (Tampa, Florida)

Join in on PDS Class 19-04- October 7th through the 11th (Tampa, Florida)

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Security Officer
Security Officer


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