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Select-International Online

Select-International is excited to announce we now have continuing education programs online. This is especially important in the Industry as work schedules do not always allow Protection Professionals the most ideal opportunities to continue their training, essentially keeping their resume alive.


Courses will be added as they become available.



-Safe Travel

-Culture Shock

-Personal Security

-Managing a Crisis

-Alcohol & Drug Awareness

-Fire Safety






-Natural Disasters

Security Abroad Preparedness Course

The Security Abroad Preparedness course is similar to what the Diplomatic Security Service requires all Special Agents and Chief of Mission personnel to attend before deploying overseas. This course covers topics such as: 


Coming Soon

Protective Operations Planning Course

The Protective Operations Planning Course takes you step by step in preparing for an Executive Protection Detail.


You will be given a scenario in which a client in need of a Protective Detail is flying into town for an overnight visit.


You will be given their itinerary which will include picking up at the airport, hotel accommodations, dinner, and a night out before flying back out the next morning.


Course includes sample Site Surveys, a Mission Brief Template in Power-Point, and will also show you how to make your route packets.

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