Protective Detail Specialist Online Learning

Not everyone can fork out the full cost of our Protective Detail Specialist Course all at once. To help in saving you time and money Select-International went through the course and pulled certain modules and put them online.  This allows you to pay as you go for each block of instruction.  Once you have completed all of the training modules, you can come in for a 3 day training session which will knock out all your practical exercises to include professional photos and our infamous Mock Details. You will also have to pass the PDS Exam as required by all graduates of the program. Cost for each Module is modestly priced at $85 each. 

Module 5 Site Surveys
Module 4 Advances
Module 6 Route Planning
Module 8 Protective Intel & S/D
Module 12 Terrorism Awareness
Module 13 Mail Screening
Module 14 Threat Assessments

3 Day Training Program Dates: 


Cost: $500.00