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Protective Shooting Dynamics

For the Executive Protection Professional

Course Overview:

The Protective Shooting Dynamics course for the Executive Protection Professional will consist of managing unknown contacts, effectively shooting one handed, and defending against physical assault. It will consist of 16 hours of training divided into two days.  During the training both appendix and strong-side hip carry of a pistol will be covered.

Students will focus heavily on one-handed pistol access while managing physical confrontation, requiring semi-aerobic activity and a competitive mindset.  Shot timers will not be used. All shooting will take place within 25 yards.  Scenario role play and physical contact with fellow students will validate all techniques learned in class.


Each morning will consist of live-fire training on the range with at least 400 single-hand draws and re-holstering from concealment.  Live-fire training will focus on the 10 Fundamentals of Concealed Carry using a 4-count draw stroke.  Shooting drills will be performed from irregular positions in and around urban areas, as well as in situations where the student is accompanied by third parties. 
After lunch, class will transition to Managing Unknown Contacts, then vertical Greco style grappling.  Each Afternoon will end by using everything learned in Force-on-Force scenario training.  The Force-on-Force equipment used in class is designed to protect the students while allowing them to experience realistic defensive situations safely.



-A compact or full sized reliable pistol (Glock 17s will be used for Force-on-Force scenario exercises)

-At least 3 Magazines

-Concealment garment (course favors over-shirt for concealment)

-A way to carry magazines with and without pouches (pockets are accepted) 

-600 rounds of pistol ammunition

-Inside- or outside-the-waistband holster (appendix holsters are permitted, must be designed to re-holster within one hand draw stroke)

*Note: Raven Concealment Vanguard holsters and others like are not compatible nor approved

-A sturdy gun belt

-Aggressive shoes

-Rain gear (if appropriate for the season)

-Cloth tape for fingers

-Weapon-cleaning kit for your pistol with lubricant (we recommend Slip 2000 or FireClean)

-Note-taking material


-Hearing protection- electronic is preferred for ease of instruction on the firing line

-Ballistic eye protection- must have clear lenses for the Force on Force section


-Ample water and electrolyte replenishment (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.)

-Camp chair or equivalent for breaks and lunch


The course is set at $450 for 2 days and class is limited to 8-12 Students

Upcoming Course Dates

Tampa, Florida

October 15th &16th 2016



About the Instructor: Ron Sable is an honorably retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran with 25 years of active duty service.  Before he retired as a Master Sergeant, Ron worked in the Middle East, Central Asia, South and Central America, and the Caribbean Islands, supporting the War on Terror and the War on Drugs.  During the 23 years of Special Forces experience, Ron worked primarily overseas.  These assignments required Ron to develop ways to discreetly carry various weapons and firearms in politically sensitive environments.  Ron has used these skills to help develop a civilian concealed carry program that has been tested under stress and will work in real-world environments. Ron has fused over two decades of Special Operations experience and commercial training into a complete concealed carry package for the private sector.

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