The Side-Bar

The Side Bar was conceived as a way of bringing in subject matter experts to discuss various topics going on in the Protection Industry. Although the Side-Bar is hosted by Select-International, this in no way restricts topics discussed or as to who is on the show. If you are in the Tampa area and would like to be apart of the Side-Bar, you can send an email to

Episode 5

Episode 5 was filmed at Mole Y Abuela located in downtown Tampa.  In this episode we sit down with Bill Peeler of Peeler Group International to discuss the realities of the Industry..

Episode 4

Episode 4 was filmed at The Franklin Manor located in downtown Tampa.  In this episode we sit down with Joe Autera, the President of Tony Scotti's Vehicle Dynamics Institute and Gerard Boniello, a Managing partner of Omnium Protection Group out of Boston. Joe speaks about upcoming courses at VDI and Gerry talks about what he looks for in a potential new hire.

Episode 3

Episode 3 was filmed at The Sapphire Lounge located at the Floridan Palace Hotel in downtown Tampa.  In this episode we sit down with two recent graduates who are also the  Founders of Counterforce Defense in which discuss how they liked the Protective Detail Specialist Course and a little about what their company specializes in.

Episode 2

Episode 2 was filmed at The Bad Monkey in Ybor City which is located in the historic part of Tampa, Florida. In this episode we bring in Tim O'rourke, President of The Grafton Group to discuss how the Industry has evolved over the past 30 years.

Episode 1

Episode 1 was filmed at The Tampa Club which is located on the top floor of the Bank of America building in Tampa, Florida. In this inaugural episode, we have Class 16-05 discuss what they liked about the Protective Detail Specialist Course. We also discuss some upcoming advanced training courses.