Route Planning- You Gotta Mix it up!

May 24, 2015

You hear over and over again in the Industry not to be time and place predictable. This can be extremely difficult when your Principal is use to being on a particular schedule as most are.

If you look back over the course of history you will see the client is most vulnerable on arrivals and departures. A few examples would be at the start of the day when departing a known venue such as their place of residence then heading to their office or departing a venue where their attendance was broadcasted ahead of time in which they have spent a significant amount of time on location.

 After exhausting all efforts to convince your Principal to adjust their schedule without success, your next course of action is to focus on the route planning. On any given day, you should have a primary, secondary and a tertiary route in place that you can adjust on the fly at a moments notice. This goes for all movements involved with the Principal.

 Route planning is an essential part of running a protective detail. When mixing up the routes, your time too and from a particular venue may increase or decrease depending on traffic, detours, and accidents, all of which will assist you in not becoming time and place predictable. It also keeps the element of surprise continuous for the bad guys as to where they should setup their ambush.

 If you have the ability you should also consider switching out vehicles in your motorcade, changing makes, models, and colors as well as the configuration. Your “Limo” doesn’t always have to be in the middle of the motorcade as long as you have trained for the configuration you are running. Having your client run in the same black suburban everywhere they go allows them to be more easily identified from a distance, and increases the likelihood of their safety being compromised.

 Trade-Craft Consulting is available in assisting with route planning for the Tampa Bay area as part of our Advance Package Services for out of town Protective Details. If you are coming into town, contact us today to see what we can do for you. (813) 398-3762 or email us at

 Eric Parker


Trade-Craft Consulting, Inc.




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