Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

February 9, 2016

This quote made famous by Former Boxing Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson has been making its rounds for years.

Boxing.... although is a sport, Iron Mike's quote can easily be applied to your everyday life in the Close-Protection Industry. (Not literally, but sometimes yes)

Executive Protection, Dignitary Protection, Close Protection, Celebrity Protection, High Threat Protection, or whatever phrase you are using these days, it is all Protection. 

"Protection" is a concept, and once you master the concept of protection understanding the fundamental dynamics that go into it, then and only then can you also evolve with the ever changing threat that is evolving around you. (I am not saying one is interchangeable with another, because some require a certain variety of skill sets to go along with it, but concepts are the same)

Ok, so lets look at an example of how you can have a plan then get punched in the face! (I say Face rather than mouth, because it sounds better to me)

Example: Principal is flying into town. You advanced the airport the day prior and meet with Airport Police to inform them you would be coming in to pick up a Principal. You explained to them you would be armed, but would remain in the non-sterile areas. Just a simple pickup and departure. Day of arrival, you send an Advance out to ensure all is good for the arrival. Upon arrival, your Advance guy is greeted by Airport Police in which inquires if he is armed? Advance guy explains clearance was given yesterday however this police officer does not want to hear it, and demands the Advance guy to disarm, secure his weapon in his vehicle or he will be arrested for carrying at an airport. (Hence: Your detail had a plan, and just got punched in the face) So what do you do?

1. Roger that.... Beat feet out of there and head to your vehicle to secure the weapon. Contact the DL/SL and explain to him what is going on. Hopefully the DL/SL has a contact with whom they met with the day prior to call and clear this up. The Advance guy arguing with the Police Officer could easily end with your advance in handcuffs, which could delay and embarrass your Principal upon his arrival. If the call is made, and the person you spoke to yesterday, says "Sorry, new boss in town today and he says no one can be armed!" Then you adapt and overcome. Some variations:

- See if you can coordinate staging your motorcade at the arrivals area. Explain that with the potential threat to your client, you want to limit their exposure without an armed detail.

-No? Ok, where were you planning to stage your motorcade? Do they have a Cell phone lot for arrivals? If so then drop off members of your detail (Unarmed) so that you supplement his arrival with bodies. Adding bodies to an already "Sterile/Secure" area maybe your only option till you are back in the vehicles and strapped again on your own terms. 

This is an example of something that can and will happen and you have to be able to think on the fly and come up with answers as to not compromise the safety and security of your client and certainly not cause any delay in their schedule or any embarrassment.

In today's day and age of protection, you are not only the bodyguard, you are also an Ambassador, and a Facilitator. There is not just one way to do things, 3+3=6, but so does 4+2, and 1+5. Don't get hung up on one way to accomplish the mission. If you are truly a student of protection then you never stop learning, and you NEVER want to stop learning. 

No matter how far along in your career, from entry level to practitioner, come train with us at Select-International.




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