Perishable Skills

March 8, 2016


I most recently broke one of my Cardinal Rules in which I always preach about Perishable skills.

When you think about Perishable Skills, I am a firm believer that Shooting is a Perishable Skill. If you are involved in some sort of Government Program you are most likely required to complete a Weapons Qualification within certain time requirements. When I was with the Diplomatic Security Service, we were required to qualify quarterly...

Now in the Private Industry in the State of Florida, I have an annual requirement which is based on a scoring system much like any qualification course is run. I myself require a 95% qualification for anyone that is going to work for my company, which means I need to score a 95% or higher.

I will tell you as much as I preach about getting to the range regularly, my work schedule did NOT allow me this latitude this past year. In fact, I did not make it to the range at all due to my work schedule. This is unacceptable in everyway. I should have been able to make it too the range at least once a month, yet some how got caught up and missed out on eleven months before it was time for me to requal again.

(Luckily I am not too bad on a Pistol, and exceeded my 95% requirement)

But what else is a perishable skill?


If you are not actively working Protection Details, then you are losing out on things you know. Procedures will soon become complacent and you will start to forget little things only to remember them when things start to pop up.

This all boils down to networking, forming a circle of like minded professionals that are in the same Industry as you. If you get some down time, go through scenarios. Deploy on some vehicles and work a Mock Principle. Attack on Principle Drills, there are lots of things you can do internally. There is one more than one tool in your toolbox to keep you sharp.

You can spend your time training, complete a course, graduate with honors, but if you are not actively perfecting your "Craft", then you will lose it. Most people spend a lot of money on their training, so why waste it?

Keep Training, Keep Learning, and Keep moving forward!



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