Evolving with the Threat

April 30, 2016


A few years back I was completing some CQB training in a shoot house, conductive by some former Delta guys in which the lead instructor made the comment.... 

"What is up with that heal to toe bullshit?, Do you think the bad guys are doing that? NO, They are running to their objective, so why are you moving so slow?"

He then went on to show us some of the Al Qaeda recruitment/propaganda videos in which he was right, they are moving out with a purpose.

I have since put this philosophy into every aspect in which I train. The threat is constantly evolving, so why shouldn't we?

That day and the following days, we started moving with a purpose, stepping it out. The more we practiced, the better we performed, and the faster and more proficient we got. 

Another Example: An old technique in protection is jumping over the seat to cover the Principal when you are dealing with an attack on the move. I have seen this taught in multiple courses, even in High Threat Courses in which you may be in a Level VII Hard Car. (If its going through a Level VII car, its going through you!)

If you are traveling in a soft car, that affords no protection then I can understand the need to move from the front to the back, but at the same time what if your driver is hit? If you are riding right front, you need to be there looking for the "Out", to get off the "X" and possibly pull some of that "Mail Man" driving where you throw the leg over and hit the gas.

Whenever you are training or getting one persons perspective, never allow yourself to get front sight focused. There is more than one way to accomplish the mission and sometimes the preferred way is not the best fit, so keep your options open. Question everything until you have a full understanding on why they are teaching you a certain method. This is not to make the Instructor look bad, but so that you have a full understanding on what the thought process is on why a certain technique is used. 

Never be afraid to ask questions, There is an old saying... There is no such thing as a stupid question! I assure that saying is wrong, there are lots of stupid questions and if you ask one, then I am sure you will be made aware that you did. But don't worry, everyone has been there at one point in their career.

Keep that resume Alive, and make sure you are continuing your training, because the bad guy is!

And if you would like to train with us, contact us today for our upcoming 5 Day Executive Protection Course May 16th-20th in Tampa, Fl.





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