High Threat Protection and the Realities

April 30, 2016


I am often approached by those that want to break into the High-Threat Protection arena who have no background whatsoever that would qualify them for such an assignment.

The first thing you need to understand, It does not matter what course you have taken or what level you rank on Call of Duty, if you do not have the background that equates to experience, you will not get a shot at the vetting process.

The qualifications have dropped dramatically which should throw a big red flag up as to why you want to be apart of a program like that anyways.

The qualifications were originally set to bring on highly skilled guys that have been there and done that, more importantly performed under fire, because that is the reality of the job. On a Conus/Domestic Assignment, you can spend an entire career never drawing your firearm. On a HT Contract, you will most likely have too and employ it. It is just the nature of the Beast.

On the WPPS Contract, now WPS, there have been more than a few DS Agents that have come into contact in which they curled up into a little ball often referred to as the "Fetal Position". This is not uncommon and happens often when the fight is on and it means life or death. Those that do this, I don't fault them, but I encourage them to find a new profession. Because obviously they have failed at the one specific duty they signed up for. Can't win a fight without getting in it.

There are lots of opportunities Stateside without having to focus on a HT Assignment. Know your worth, focus on what you can bring to the table and do not reach out beyond than your limitations.



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