Always have an End Game!

May 2, 2016


I recently met with a friend for some drinks. He is Mid 30's, been doing EP work and most recently is working more on the Private Investigations side of the house. As we were sitting there going back and forth, I asked him..... What is your End Game?

I was given a puzzled look, in which I asked again, What is your End Game? Where do you see yourself in 20 years? No matter what your age is, you should always ask yourself that? So with that being said...........

Where do you see yourself in 20 years??????????????????

Some people really enjoy their job, I mean if you are in the Executive Protection Industry you have to LOVE your Job otherwise you will never be any good at it, and therefor will be unemployed. If you do not immerse yourself in this job, you will NOT be successful at it. With that being said, you may love your job now, but will you feel the same way in 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, or even 30 years? Your Body is enjoying it now, but your body is aging, you can hit the gym, eat right, get your cardio in, but the body will age. 12 to 16 hours on your feet at 30 years old is a lot different feeling at 40 years old.

Have you looked at a career track, or what the next step is for you? Detail Leader, Program Manager, or maybe a position as a Director? The EP Industry is small enough as it is, so think about how small upper management positions are to find. You can never start to early on an area of specialization, something that will set you apart from your peers. Education is key when it comes to separating you apart from someone else on paper, so never be afraid to continue your training.

Have you met with a financial advisor? With the majority of the work out there being a contracted position, there is no retirement waiting for you. So unless you plan on working up until the day you die, you should start looking at that now. And the earlier you do it, the better off you will be sitting later.

For those reading this that are looking at getting into the Industry..... Are you still interested? I sometimes wish, Someone had broken it down to me 20 years ago so I could have skipped all this and became a Harley Mechanic. But truth be told, I love this Industry so much. The experiences, the places I have been, and the friendships I have made could have never happened in another field. With that being said, this Industry has cost me a lot. It's cost quite a few friends of mine a LOT. Be prepared to miss out on birthdays, anniversary's, and holidays because that is a given.

For those still interested in this Industry and are looking to break into it, I hope you will consider training with us at Select-International.



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