Mitigating the Threat

May 4, 2016


Sometimes we focus so hard on the more practical threat of the lone gunman, the knife wielding assailant, or the suicide bomber that we forget about a simpler, quiet method that may be just as effective.

In recent events we saw a report where the Son of Donald Trump was sent a letter containing suspicious white powder. Although the powder tested negative for any Chem/Bio Threats, this is a threat that has been around for a long time and always seems to pop up... if not just to get people thinking about the possibilities of how vulnerable you really are.

With that being said............

Do you have a plan in place for proper mail screening for your Principal? For those that don't know or want a down and dirty what to look for you can go to the US Postal Services Website and just simply put "Suspicious Mail" in the search box. You will find more than enough information to cover the basics as far as what to look for. But you still need procedures in place to ensure that mail never reaches the Principal, hence the question??? Do you have a plan in place for proper mail screening?

On another note, It is said that Charles the II of France was assassinated by coating the pages of a book with poison. The poison made the pages stick together, so when Charles licked his fingers to turn the pages he slowly poisoned himself. Now although this was never proven, It got people thinking and this evolved into having Royal Food Tasters.....

Now I am not suggesting that you should have someone taste your Principal's food before he/she takes a bite. But what are some other ways that you can be proactive in protecting your Principal?

I am guessing if your Principal has a threat against the possibility of being poisoned, they most likely have a greater threat in which they have a "Detail" that oversees their protection. And they most likely do not prepare their own food, or if they do, they are not the ones out doing the actual shopping.

One way of mitigating the threat of your Principal being poisoned or ingesting something that can cause harm is meeting with who purchases the groceries for the household. If this threat is a reality, then the bad guys are going to be conducting surveillance and will identify that person and follow them. They will watch the stores they frequent, what items they are most likely to purchase, and then they set themselves up for a switch, in which they can easily put possibly contaminated fruits or vegetables in a shopping cart removing the good ones. This would not be hard in anyway if you think about it.

This is where covert protective surveillance works well. By assigning a detail member to follow them while shopping, all while keeping it random as to where the shopping is conducted is one more added protection for your Principal. The Detail Member doesn't need to be up close and personal, but provide counter-surveillance in hopes of identifying anyone in particular that is paying too much attention to your shopper and mitigate the threat of someone putting in contaminated food in hopes of your Principal ingesting it.

If you like this article and want to study more with us feel free to check out our site and look into our Protective Detail Specialist Course.



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