In It, to Win It!

June 1, 2016



Whatever you are striving to be great at, you better be In It, to Win IT!

Have you ever heard the analogy, "There are no points for second place?". While this is somewhat true, if you want to make it in any Industry, you have to be in it 100%.

This especially runs true in the Executive Protection Industry. As I have said before, this is possibly one of the hardest Industries to make it in, much less break into.

Making it in a Profession such as Executive Protection requires a level of dedication that most will not attain. It's not that they do not want too........ Well, let me rephrase, because in the end.. it was a decision that they were not willing to commit too.

It's understanding, you do not get weekends off, you do not get holidays off, you do not get your Birthday off, nor can you ever expect to have special events off in which aren't coordinated ahead of time like your Children's Birthdays.

If you can deal with all you will be doing without, then you may have a shot at making this a career. If you are still interested in training in Executive Protection, then contact us at and you will be put in touch with an Advisor.

In the end, regardless of whom you spoke with, you get to speak with me so that I know exactly what your end goal is, know that we are a good fit for each other and ensure you have not been promised anything that you can not expect. We are here to train you, mentor you, and assist you in promoting yourself.



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