Security and the Family Affair

June 14, 2016


On Friday June 10th 2016, A former contestant from "The Voice" TV Show was killed during a public appearance signing autographs in Orlando, Florida after a performing a show. 

Her killer traveled from the Bay area of Florida and took her life as she was just starting her career ending it at such an early age. As of right now, no one knows why or what his motive was. What we do know is her brother tackled the killer in which the attacker then gave a self inflicted gunshot wound killing himself.

First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest condolences to the family of Christina Grimmie. She was very talented and entirely too young to die. I would also like to say that her brother is a hero. We can not speculate as to how his actions impacted those around and how many he saved, but I am sure his actions saved more than we know. There is no doubt in my mind as to what he is going through right now, but the bottom line is....... He reacted, when others Didn't. He immediately jumped on the assassin in which ended the attack.

Up and coming Stars can be at a disadvantage at times when it comes to security. They often resort to bringing on Family members or friends to act as their "Bodyguard", because they have not yet made it big enough to have the sponsorship's or backing to have proper security.

When dealing with Protection, there is so much more that goes into the planning and safety of your Protectee. We are in the Business of Risk Mitigation, in which we identify and assess all facets of the movement. You have to be the "Thinker", the one who his going over every possible scenario in your head before it has a chance to play out. Then you plan extensively, to ensure all avenues are covered.

The loss of Christina Grimmie is tragic, but hopefully Agents, Mangers, and Promoters will learn from this. You have to have properly trained individuals in charge of Personal Protection. Properly trained professionals might have possibly identified the threat before the threat was able to act.



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