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Advance Work/Site Surveys

2 Day Workshop


The Advance is the critical "behind the scenes" work that is required to ensure your team is successful in accomplishing their objectives and keeping the Principal safe. It is also one of the most integral parts of any Protective Detail. A proper Advance conducted can make the difference on whether your client is satisfied with the overall level of service provided.


In our 2 day workshop we go over the proper way to complete an advance for an out of town protective detail. We will go over protocols and techniques to ensure you as the Protector have everything you need to be successful at your job.


Venues discussed will include, Hotels, Restaurants, Theme Parks, and larger venues like stadiums and arenas.


Attendees will also be provided with an Adavnce Protocal Checklist to take with them, and a template as to formatting your own Venue Advance Packets/Site Surveys.


The course is set at $375 for 2 days which includes both classroom and practical Exercises.

You will perform an actual Advance on a venue for a mock protective detail.

Upcoming Course Dates


February 3rd and 4th

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