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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

For the Executive Protection Professional

Course Overview:

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Course (TSCM) for Protective Detail Specialists


In today’s information-centric world, protective detail specialists must be trained to safeguard their principals’ information, privacy, and reputation. To do so effectively requires a fundamental knowledge of the eavesdropping techniques used by skilled adversaries and training in eavesdropping countermeasures.


Select-International’s Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Course (TSCM) for Protective Detail Specialists gives protective security detail members, bodyguards, and security managers theoretical and practical knowledge of technical surveillance threats and countermeasures, allowing them to deliver a higher standard of protection to their clients.



Students will receive instruction in the following domains:


- Eavesdropping case studies & analysis

- Target identification & assessment

- Radio frequency theory

- Telephone networks and vulnerabilities

- Technical surveillance devices

- GPS tracking

- Direction finding

- TSCM equipment use and selection

- Physical searches

- Sweep techniques and protocols

- TSCM integration into protective security operations

- Client communication

- Lab exercises and evaluations


Skill Development


Upon graduation from this course, students will have a fundamental understanding of electronic eavesdropping and be able to perform a thorough physical sweep, identify and select professional TSCM equipment, vet and supervise TSCM service providers, and advise clients on eavesdropping countermeasures.




Students will be evaluated through written exams and lab exercises in which students must demonstrate competency in understanding offensive techniques and technical surveillance countermeasures. Students earning a passing score will receive a certificate of course completion.


Course Restrictions


Due to the sensitive nature of this course and the equipment used, course attendance is restricted to U.S. citizens and those able to pass a criminal background check.

The course is set at $1000

Upcoming Course Dates

Tampa, Florida

October 12th - 14th 2016



About the Instructor: Aaron Williams is the Managing Member of Avisius, a veteran-owned security consultancy that specializes in eavesdropping detection. Mr. Williams has formally trained in technical surveillance countermeasures in the United States, Canada, and South Africa and served as a technical security SME for a government client. Mr. Williams is a former U.S. Marine Scout Sniper and a High-Threat Protection Specialist for the Departement of State's World-Wide Personal Protective Services Contract and is a full member of Eavesdropping Research Institute International and the American Society for Industrial Security.

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