WPPS/WPS Conversion Course

Select-International is excited to announce we now have a program specifically designed for those that have been working on the US State Department's WPPS/WPS programs OCONUS. This course outlines the differences between high-threat Contracting and Domestic Executive-Protection. Course content focuses on protocols and procedures, dealing with the Principal and adopting as to what Domestic Employers expect from their Executive Protection Specialists.


Requirements for the course:

Applicant must be a Vetted Graduate from a US Department of State approved WPPS/WPS Program with at least 1 year of experience working on a WPS/WPPS Contract such as in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Israel. If you have completed a course of equal or greater value and have proof of completion you can submit your credentials for further evaluation.

Course applicants will be vetted to ensure they have the required background for the course.


Graduates from the course will be awarded the Protective Detail Specialist Identifier with all honors included.

Honors include a featured spot on our graduates page with professional head and body portraits for prospective employers. Graduates will also be given lifetime access into the Select-International's Alumni Page "The Select Few", which allows you to attend future courses at a discounted rate of 15% off.


The course is set at $675 for 3 days which includes both classroom and practical Exercises.




Courses are scheduled upon request with a minimum of thre students required to complete the course. We do this in order to coordinate with scheduled Rotation dates.