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Combat Medicine for the Executive Protection Specialist


Combat Medicine for Executive Protection provides  relevant combat medical care skills through a graduated Instruction for the Executive Protection Professional. Combat Casualty Care (TCCC/TECC) and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) concepts are taught using a dynamic and engaging process of lecture, practical application. 


The course is 1 day in length with a total of 12 hours of classroom work to include slide presentations, videos, question and answer sessions and hands-on practical skills application. The Course is capped off at 10 students. 


The course covers the following:

  • Physiological and Psychological reactions to environmental stress

  • The importance of having the proper Combat Mindset

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology of life-sustaining systems

  • H, A, B, C’s—Hemorrhage, Airway, Breathing and Circulation

  • Breakdown and usage of Individual Medical Kit 

  • Basic and Advanced Airway management -treating and monitoring tension pneumothorax, sucking chest wound and flail chest

  • Airway adjunct device placement-Nasopharyngeal Airway

  • Basic First Aid and Advanced wound care

  • Application of Bandages and Hemostatic Agents

  • Application of tourniquets

  • Recognition and treatment of hypovolemic (hemorrhagic) shock

  • Moving and positioning victims with various injuries

2022  Course Dates
April 10th/Tampa, Florida

Course Cost is $400.00

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