PDS-Protective Detail Specialist


The Protective Detail Specialist Course is an intense 5 day program where you will be immersed in all aspects of what it is like to evaluate a threat on a Principal and then formulate a strategy to protect them.


We concentrate on the specifics of what you need to know for working on a Protective Detail and being successful. This course is catered to the entry level professional looking to break into the Executive-Protection Industry, as well as the Practitioner looking to expand their Vocational training.


Course Syllabus/Break Down


Day 1- (0800 -Until Completion)
Introduction to the Course/Class Introductions
Key Terms, Positions and Responsibilities 

Types of Protection (High-Pro/Low-Pro/No-Pro)

State Laws, Legal Issues & Liability
Dealing with the Principal

Protocols & Etiquette

Dining Etiquette-Dining 101

Ethics & Professional Conduct
Movement Formations
Arrivals & Departures (Strong Side/Weak Side) And (Hard versus Soft)
Practical Exercise on Vehicles

Day 2- (0800 — Until Completion)
Practical Exercise on Vehicles 

Protective Intelligence/Surveillance Detection
Assassinations & Methodologies
State Sponsored Terrorism

Mail Screening
Threat Assessments

Driving & Vehicle Security

Vehicle Searches
Public Relations

Professional Communications

Deescalation Techniques & Conflict Resolution

Day 3- (0800- Until Completion)
Practical Exercise on Vehicles

Site Surveys

Route Planning

Practical Exercise on Route Planning (Laptop Needed)

AIC Briefs

Mission Briefs/Compositions

Motorcade Operations Lecture

Actions on Contact Lecture
Practical Exercise on Advances

Mission Planning

Day 4- (0800 Until Completion)
Practical Exercise on Vehicles 

Working Internationally Lecture
Lessons Learned Lecture
Tools of the Trade

Practical Exercise-Mission Brief
Practical Exercise-Mock Detail
After Action Review of Mock Detail

Personal Security Vulnerability Assessments

Day 5- (0800 Until Completion)

Practical Exercise on Vehicles 

Scenario Drills (Round Table Discussion)

Strategies for Success
The Select Few (Our Alumni)

Practical Exercise-Mission Brief
Practical Exercise-Mock Detail
After Action Review of Mock Detail
Recap of the week with a final review
Final Exam


2021  Course Dates
Class 21-01/January 25-29/Tampa, Florida
Class 21-02/March 22-26, Phoenix Arizona (Private)
Class 21-03/April 19-23/Tampa, Florida
Class 21-04/May 31-June 4, Phoenix Arizona (Private)
Class 21-05/June 7-11/Tampa, Florida
Class 21-06/July 26-30/Tampa, Florida
Class 21-07/August 30- September 3/Tampa, Florida
Class 21-08/October 4-8/Tampa, Florida
Class 21-09
/November 15-19/Tampa, Florida

Course Cost is $1200.00
Active Duty Military/Veterans/LEO: $960 (20% Off)

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